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The province of Tehran is bounded on the north by the Alborz Mountains and on the south by the plain and plateau of Iran. The capital of a populated country and city where various ethnicities live. History Tehran’s history is intertwined with Ray. Tehran was a small village north of Rey; centuries ago it was […]



Isfahan is Iran’s third most populous city (after Tehran and Mashhad) and the center of Isfahan province. It is the second most visited tourist city after Mashhad and Iran’s second industrial city after Tehran. This city was the capital of Iran in the heyday of post-Islamic Iran during the Safavid era in which, many historical […]


The Kish island is located in the south of Iran . Kish is a warm and favorable place to travel even in winter when most cities are cold.The Silver Coast of Kish is one of the best and most spectacular attractions on this beautiful island. The island of Kish has a coral structure. The sea […]

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