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About us

About us

Iran Historically :
Iran is the oldest country in the world, with a diverse climatic and desirable nature and a wealth of natural attraction, with affectionate and hospitable people with different culture, A secure country that welcomes all the people of the world to become familiar with our culture and Using a variety of tourist and medical services and more.
Iran has 23 historical and natural sights registered at the UNESCO. including:
1- Choghazenbil in Khuzestan province
2- Takhte Jamshid in Fars province
3- Naghshe Jahan Square in Isfahan province
4- Takht-e-Soleyman in West Azarbayjan province
5- Bam in Kerman province
6- Pasargad in Fars province
7- Soltanieh Dome in Zanjan Province
8- Bisotun inscription in Kermanshah province
9- Collection of monastic of Armenians in West and East Azarbayjan province
10- Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System in Khuzestan Province
11- Tabriz Historical bazaar in East Azarbaijan Province
12- Tomb of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili in Ardebil province
13- Iranian Garden in Fars, Mazandaran, Isfahan, Kerman, Yazd and Khorasan provinces
14- Jameh Mosque in Isfahan province
15- Gonbade Kaboos Tower in Golestan Province
16- Golestan Palace in Isfahan Province
17- Burnt City in Sistan and Baluchistan Province
18- Maymand village in Kerman province
19- Shush in Khuzestan province
20- Iranian Qanat in Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan, Yazd, Kerman , Markazi and Isfahan province
21- Lut Desert in South Khorasan,Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan province
22- Yazd Historical City in Yazd Province
23- Historical sight from Sasanian era in Fars Province

The overall process of your travel and cure :
At first you submit your request to us through the site or our company’s representatives in your country. We will refer your request to our medical specialist team, also you are in contact with our medical team Directly to submit the medical document. At the same time our professional tourism team will design your travel plan in accordance with your interests .After getting approval of hospital and hotel and ticket and else and estimating the costs our expert who is the coordinator of your work in Iran communicate with you in the language you prefer will contact with you within 72 hours and will explain to you all the details of your travel .If you would like to cooperate with us and you would like the package designed for you and you would agree with the costs ,The company will prepare an invoice for you, and will start to get visa. After obtaining your electronic visa code, you can

pay in below ways:
1- Paying Directly through our international account
2- Paying through our representative account in your country
3- Paying through the introduced exchanges from company
4- Paying cash after entrancing to Iran
After choosing one of the payment methods All things will be done for your travel, and your expert and translator will explain everything to you, and you can ask your questions. Your payment receipt will send to you through following methods:

1- Through your User Panel
2- By email
3- Send from Whats App, Viber, …
4- Receiving directly from a representative
5- Send a request for receipts to central company and deliver it via DHL

When you will come to Iran, we want to help you to get the best medical results and have the best travel experience and spend the best days in cities of Iran. We even after your returning to your country, your expert will continue to be in touch with you and will monitor your recovery, and if there was a problem you would come back to Iran at our expense. We will fix the problem or you will be referred to doctors be involved in our company in your country.

Note: The cost of designed package depends on your chosen hospital or treatment center and medical equipment.
Also the cost of your travel may be different depending on the hotel and airline you will choose, And the cost of getting visa.

Another important point is that your personal information will be in secret.
For more information, you can get free consultation through the site or contact us through our numbers for free.